Clear Borosilicate 3.3 Glass Tubing OD 10mm Thickness 1.5mm


10mm OD @ 1.5mm wall

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Clear Glass Tubing – Popular Sizes

High-quality borosilicate 3.3 clear glass tubes OD 10mm Thickness 1.5mm. These glass tubes are 1.5mm thick with a 10mm outside diameter (OD) and 750mm long so they are easy to heat up and mold making them ideal for amateur glass blowers.

How the System Works

  • Firstly, thank you sincerely to all customers who have supported us over the years.                                                        
  • To ALL NEW customers, the system works like this…
  • Starter kits are for new customers or one-off orders etc
  • Kg kits are for regular buyers in the know (crazy price reduction)
  • Multi Kg kits include A FREE glasscutter
    (This way you never have to buy a glasscutter, and when you run low, just buy a multi Kg Pack)

Packs Explained

The System:  Sample packs are low priced but also low QTY to allow newcomers to build up their stock until you can afford Kg Packs.

The Kg packs are magnitudes cheaper than the sample packs, so when you progress to Multi Kg packs (2kg or more, you get a free $20 glasscutter)

  • Free Glasscutter: Free Glasscutter with every Multi Kg Pack
  • Sample Packs: 10/20 Pcs @ 150mm length –
  • These packs let you get up and running initially
  • (all trees must come from a seed Padawan?)
  • Kg Packs: ie 1kg @ 750mm length.
  • More or less for Legends… This is where the price is ultra cheap.
  • Specs at bottom of page
  • Multi kg packs: -1, 2, 4 or 8 kg.@ 750mm length
  • I am not gonna lie, this is where the big boys play…
  • (My masters ?)

Borosilicate 3.3 Glass Tubes Lengths
Sample Packs 150mm 
We have selected the ultimate tubing length based upon algorithms so complex, that we kept getting back 42. (I mean 150mm back as the ideal length?)

Pieces in KG Packs. 
1kg 10mm 2.2mm wall = 12 pcs @ 750mm, 1kg 12mm 2.2mm = 10 pcs
2kg 10mm 2.2mm wall = 24 pcs @ 750mm, 2kg 12mm 2.2mm = 20 pcs
-> Larger packs are simply multiples of the 1kg pack

1kg 7mm@1.5mm = 25, 1kg 10mm@1.5mm = 15, 1kg 12mm@1.5mm = 12

The most common orders are 10mm OD  2.2mm wall.
If you only have a weak flame, then a 1.5mm wall is recommended.

All glass tubes that arrive broken are replaced 2x the amount broken on your next order.?

After 7 or 8 years of Tubing sales, we are simplifying the whole process, reducing prices, and streamlining the whole process, from what we have learned. Wish us luck…

A lot of the prices have been reduced significantly so keep an eye on them.

Approx Discounts as you go up into Multi KG Packs

Sample Pack (x10)     $2.00 per 200mm tube
1 Kg Pack                   $1.00 per 200mm tube

Multi-Pack – 2kg          $0.75 per 200mm tube + free glass cutter!
Multi Pack – 13kg        $0.60
per 200mm tube + free glass cutter!
Pack Size

10 x 150mm Length, 20 x 150mm Length, 1kg (750mm Length), 2kg (750mm Length), 4kg (750mm Length), 8kg (750mm Length), 13kg (750mm Length)


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