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Factory Offcuts – Glass Tubing

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Features of Glass Pipe Factory Offcuts


Discover the Glass Pipe Factory Offcuts…Yes, it’s that time. 

It’s literally our offcuts so it contains different tubing sizes and different colours.


$20 to $30 per kg. (includes weight of box & packing material)
Just increase the qty to buy as many as you want.
(postage is combined and auto-calculated to save you $$$)


It’s probably around 20 or so kilos there but I will alter the quantity as the sale progresses to accurately reflect the amount…

Keep in mind tubing is generally around $60 per kilo…

(Edges of tubing may be hand cut,  machine cut, or broken, maybe longer than described and you may get more than you expect
I regret to have to say the obvious, but some people………) 

Pack Size

2kg, 5kg, 8kg


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