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Glass Tubing 10mm @ 1.5mm wall
  • Glass Tubing 10mm @ 1.5mm wall

Glass Tubing 10mm @ 1.5mm wall

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10mm OD @ 1.5mm wall
2nd most popular Size

length: 150mm
pack size: 20 pieces

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10mm OD @ 1.5mm wall
2nd most popular Size

  • Choose from a wide selection of popular Lengths and Pieces.

  • Bulk orders over 2kg please contact me: sales@glasstubing.com.au

How the System Works

Over the Past 6 Years, we have listened to what customers want, and have made these packs based on that.

We have sized the tubing on a few variables including, ease of post, popularity, % chance of it breaking, etc

We have made Packs based on what customers have ordered, so you know you getting what you need.
Basically the system works like this.

  • There are 3 lengths of Tubing : 150mm, 250mm & 500mm
  • There 3 main pack sizes : 500g / 1kg and 2kg

All orders over 2kg, get a free glass cutter


  • Glass Tubing is borosilicate 3.3 - The latest heat resistant glass tubing
  • It is scratched cut at the factory, so allow some rough edges, and some length tolerance +/- 1cm
  • Wall Thickness:  1.5mm wall
10mm @ 1.5mm
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